How did I get here?

I love sex and always have.

When I first began working with other people's bodies, I remember being so excited to have the chance to explore the intimacy, trust, and raw power of touch. I became increasingly excited for more connection with my clients and I often found this through our long conversations about what their bodies liked and needed. These insights charged me up with juicy excitement to bring my body into play with theirs in a dance towards pleasure, relief, healing and discovery.


When I began working with erotic energy specifically (in my own explorations, formal trainings, workshops and the guidance of mentors), I found so much joy in the next level of connection and how I could turn my own libido into a force for good!

But I was firm in the guarding of the gates to my sweetest nectars



I have found that the creative connecting excitement of negotiating playtime is an essential part of the adventure. When we start that conversation, I feel like I am embarking on a thrilling journey, sometimes giddy, occasionally a little edgy and so much fun, akin to riding on a roller coaster.

Looking forward to the adventures in store for us!

XO Cora Bella